Governing Council  




Councillors for the Year 2021

Chairman: Max French
Vice Chairman: Noel French
Joint Vice Chairman, Mission & Vision: Hector Soans
Honorary Secretary: Coral Dillon
Public Officer: Noel French
Migrants' Committee: Joe Dillon
Welfare Committee: Marina Soans, Max French
President Sydney Branch: Joe Dillon
Treasurer: Bruce Soans
Assistant Treasurer: Vernon Bocarro
Social Committee: Arthur DeSouza
Sports: Max French, Bruce Soans, Vernon Bocarro

Board of Trustees

President: Glynnis Soans
Financial Controller: Noel French
Members: June DeSouza
  Ron Holmes
  Joe Dillon
  Audrey Murton
  Arthur DeSouza
  Basil Cardis

Representatives to the following bodies

International Federation: Max French
  Joe Dillon
State Federation: Arthur DeSouza

Permanent Invitees to the Council

Sport's President: Dominic Carr
Sport's Committee Member: Candida Carr
Membership Secretary: Christine Conquest

Plans for the Year 2021

1. Trust Fund

Escalate growth of the Trust Fund. Buy a Brick Scheme.

Donations of $1,000/- from 1,000 Anglo-Indians, Sponsors, Patrons & supporters, benefactors and well wishers to form the nucleus of One Million as the Starter Fund.

2. Web Page

The web site has been updated regularly:
1. To keep the Community informed on the Progress of the Fund.
2. To provide members with the Annual Calender of Events scheduled for the Year.
3. To inform members of Social, Cultural, Welfare and Charitable Activities of the Association.
4. To keep abreast with the International Anglo-Indian Activity with links to similar sites.

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