The Australian Residents Anglo Indian Association Inc (ARAIA) was formed (in Sydney) in September 1995. The Association holds regular Social, Sporting and other activities where members can meet others who have migrated to Australia.



a. The aims and goals of the Association are to provide a common meeting place for Anglo Indians who have migrated to Australia and, encourage their extended families and their new friends to participate and promote the Association's Social, Cultural, Welfare and Charitable activities which have been established for the benefit of Members of the Association and the community generally.

b. That the Association will be conducted as a non-profit, non-political and non-sectarian organisation for the benefit of its members.

c. In keeping with this object a Trust fund titled "ARAIA Trust Fund" will be established to support the Social, Cultural, Welfare and Charitable objects of the Association.


The Governing Council will provide the general direction of the Association and ensure that the Managerial and Organisational objects of the Association are maintained. The Governing Council will be responsible for:

a. General management and direction of the Association.

b. Management of the ARAIA Trust fund Account.

c. Accepting donations, gifts subscriptions and other assistance on behalf of the Association in furtherance of its objects and ensuring conformity to any proper conditions upon which such gifts or grants have been made.

d. Affiliate, amalgamate or enter into partnership with any incorporated body having objects of a similar nature, and whose memorandum prohibits the division of income and property amongst its members.

e. Purchase, hire or otherwise acquire any property, rights or privileges, or where necessary, construct or alter any property convenient for the purpose of the Association.

f. Sell, dispose, manage and develop all or any part of the property for the benefit of the Association.

g. Raise or borrow money that may be required by the Association upon such terms within the scope and benefit of the Association.

h. Invest funds of the Association not immediately required for its purposes in investments, securities property on professional advice in the best interest of the Association.

i. Promote the Association to be registered or recognised in other States of the Commonwealth of Australia.

j. Do all other things as may be incidental to the lawful attainment of the above objects.